Introducing PickledEgg Tech Watch

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Event tech is a big part of what we do. It has to be: providing access to the tech that will improve campaign and event performance is a big reason why people use an event and brand experience agency like PickledEgg – and it’s why you’re reading PickledEgg Event Tech Watch.

28th September 2015
By Ricky Knight / Managing Director

We’re always looking at ways technology can enhance a brand experience, a delegate journey, a product launch, a conference, etc., and the purpose of PickledEgg Event Tech Watch is to share with you what’s out there, what we like and how it can make your event better. Tech can create communities, provide insights and leave long-lasting impressions. It can get your product in front of more people, provide a showcase for your brand and influence behaviours and perceptions. We think it’s good to be tuned into tomorrow’s world.

Virtual Reality and Oculus Rift

Right now there’s a big buzz in the event world around Virtual Reality (VR) and wearable tech (wearables).  VR is really making an impression and I expect to see it being used more and more to deliver big-impact brand experiences. Last year, Shell used it brilliantly at the Belgium Grand Prix – a branded Oculus Rift experience shrunk participants to the size of a single drop of petrol and took them on a journey through one of their engines. The voice guiding the participants on this incredible ride was none other than legendary F1 commentator Murray Walker.

Wearables, smart badges and RFID technology

Wearables are set to go stellar in the coming months and the big event industry development at the moment is smart badges. Using RFID technology, delegates can share details by tapping each other’s smart badges – instead of a pocket full of business card whose information has to be manually entered into a contacts book, the details are automatically sent to your inbox and can be loaded into contact lists at a click of a button. Organisers can share key event information with delegates in the same manner and, perhaps even more importantly, track who attended, received documents and visited exhibitions and talks. These data touch points help to pinpoint leads and ensure they are chased, and they create metrics that allow for the measurement and reporting of ROI.

Crowd Mics, and iBeacon

Another new bit of tech that we’ve recently seen in action is the Crowd Mics app. It was put to great use at the Meet the Future event tech conference in London – by turning participants’ mobile devices into microphones, it made Q&A sessions easier and a much more rewarding experience.  Then there’s – this audience interaction app that improves engagement with live poll, question rating and slide sharing functionality.

We also have to mention iBeacon technology – with this app, delegates receive personalised useful information on their mobile devices prior, during and post event. So, this can range from directions to the venue from transport nodes, ticket information, entry point queue length, key exhibition stands, feedback invitations and more. For exhibitors, it can notify them of when specific people are close to their stands and can push user profiles so they have a conversation starter when these delegates get to the stand. CES global tech show has used this app well in the past – integrating it with gamification tech, they used it to create a scavenger hunt to drive event engagement.

As you can see, there’s a lot to talk about and we are going to do just that! Keep an eye on the PickledEgg blog for our latest insights.