5 reasons why experiential is
the future of brand marketing

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Experiential marketing: it’s the next big thing. More and more of our clients want it. Here are five reasons why experiential campaigns are the future of brand marketing.

15th October 2015
By Ricky Knight / Managing Director

1. It works

The term “experiential marketing” may be new, but the concept, in one form or another, has been around for years. Big brands have been rolling out well-planned, big-visual interactive events for a long time. Why? Because according to an EventTrack study, nearly two thirds of brands are getting better than two-to-one return from experiential and event investments.

2. It's measurable now

In today’s corporate world, measuring metrics and showing tangible return on investment are integral parts of an event or brand experience. They have to have them. Yes, it’s about an increase in sales, but thanks to social media and other tech, now it’s also about measurable reach, brand lift and emotional impact.

3. It’s about engagement

Brand marketing has always been brand engagement – that emotional stickiness that increases mindshare and translates into positive perceptions and more sales. What could be stickier than a live event that activates all the senses, not just sight and sound, and intensifies, invokes and embodies?

4. The audience

The time is now for experiential marketing because it is the time of the millennial. Who are they? They are a big and important customer demographic and they are digital natives. That means that tech is the space they live inIt also means that live experiences mean more. A lot more. This is what they expect from brand marketing.

5. It's fun

Simple but true. What’s not to love about experiential campaigns and events that put a smile on your face? And how better to influence people’s behaviour by showing them a good time and giving them the chance to escape the everyday for a bit? Mass singalongs, creating themed towns, product party zones at festivals – what do have in common? Fun!