How 3D printing is creating
a new event reality

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3D printing technology is phenomenal. It’s almost unbelievable what it can be used to create: homes, supersonic car parts and nerve tissue. That’s why I’m so excited to see it at work in the event world.

9th October 2015
By Charlotte Baxter-Hassall / Account Director

I’ve been lucky to see first hand how the use of 3D printing technology has developed in the event industry. Back in early 2014, Europac 3D gave me a demonstration of their new human scanning and model production technology and how it could be used to enhance an event and give participants a brand experience they would never forget. They showed us how a delegate could be scanned using a small hand-held scanner. You had to stand very still for three minutes and a cameraman also took photos. That was it – two weeks later, your 3D model was on your desk.  I remember being seriously impressed.

The scanning process wasn’t particularly quick and there was room for error – if you moved, the model could take on a surrealist look – and the tech would be best suited to longer events or those with a small number of participants – but still, what an absolutely amazing idea. What delegate wouldn’t engage with the event if the opportunity to get a 3D model of themselves was on offer? I was picturing fully branded delegate models mounted on plinths arriving in branded boxes – they would make a long-lasting impression.

Ok, so fast forward to now. I’ve recently seen the Europac3D technology in action again and the progress has been incredible. The hand-held scanner is long gone, as is the need to stand stock still for three minutes and wait a fortnight to see the results. Europac 3D now has full-body-size scanners that will do the scanning in just 12 seconds and will have the model in your hand in less than 10 days. Plus, the scanner doesn’t capture only body contour, shape and shade any more, now the scan includes hairstyle, jewellery and facial features.

Furthermore, a delegate’s scan can be used to animate them and insert them into a video. The delegate can also take away a 3D avatar that they can use on their social channels. Not many people have these. Just think of the brand engagement that could be created. Imagine using it a product launch, a product showcase or a super car-themed incentive event? Can you see why we’re so excited?

I think this is just the beginning for 3D printing event tech. Thanks to Europac 3D and others, events have a new dimension. The question is: how are you going to use it?