5 PickledEgg tips to enhance the attendee experience

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We’ve recently blogged about objectives and the business case behind running successful events. Now we want to focus on the event itself by looking at ways you can enhance your attendees' experience.

27th July 2016
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Every new event brief offers our team the chance to be creative, conjuring up unique experiences that represent our clients brand and engage the target demographic. We honestly love what we do and it makes a difference.

PickledEgg have been established for 14 years now and over this time we like to think we have developed a particular style. Our style comes with a few key ingredients that make up the foundations of a successful event. Without giving too much away, after all our box of tricks is pretty full, we thought we would share a few ingredients that we feel are absolutely necessary to ensure your next live experience is a positive one for attendees.

1. Recruit a motivated and talented event team

The team organising and running the event need to be engaged, enthusiastic and on board with what it is you are trying to achieve. A team that lives and breathes the event will deliver a seamless service, leave no stone unturned and go the extra mile.

2. Deploy strong marketing and communications techniques to build anticipation

Our PickledEgg event planners (and our clients of course) want the events they organise to be something attendees really look forward to. Building pre-event anticipation is an art and communication is crucial. From releasing teasers, providing informative and relevant pre-event information to driving awareness and campaign success, make sure your communications are on point.

3. Add the fun-factor

Your event needs to be fun! From conferences to product launches to incentive travel programmes, fun is important. We are not suggesting that you detract from the seriousness of your message. We do however suggest you make the time your attendees spend with your brand enjoyable. Fun comes in all shapes and sizes and looks very different across different demographics – design your fun with the attendees in mind.

4. Throw in a few surprises

This is our biggest and best ingredient for an exciting and engaging event. From surprise entertainment, VIP speakers, gifts, transfer vehicles, locations and more… well-executed surprises are the perfect way to excite your audience and keep them guessing! Golden nuggets if you ask us.

5. Include the thoughtful touches and don’t overlook the little details

Event professionals have the skills to make each attendee feel welcome and important. It’s all in the details. With a little bit of thought, planning and on-site savvy an event manager has the power to turn an average experience into a brilliant one! From comprehensive pre-event arrival instructions so everyone knows where they need to be and when, visible on-site signage, slick hospitality teams who are able to identify all dietary requirements without speaking a word to the attendees, as well as a pro-active event team always on-hand to offer direction, instigate introductions or perhaps source forgotten items for attendees (we have some great stories from our travel incentives). Thoughtful gifts are also another ‘touch’ that always go down well, nothing better than seeing your attendees walk away with something they actually want!

Keep an eye on our social media and case study pages if you fancy following the PickledEgg event team whilst they stamp some PE style on future projects.