5 reasons why experiential marketing is a must for your brand

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Making your mark as a brand or marketing manager has never been harder...

31st October 2017
By Ricky Knight / Managing Director

The sheer scale of the competition, the myriad avenues of communication, the overcrowding of advertising space, the overloading of consumers: what chance do you and your brand have?

Every chance if you know “how”.

And experiential marketing is the “how”.

This is why:

1. It’s the only way to stand out.

In a noisy digital world, where everybody and anybody are shouting their message to the market and products are packed in shoulder to shoulder, it has never been so hard to make your brand heard. Consumers can’t see the wood for the trees. That’s why experiential marketing is so important to what you do. An experience is a physical connection that cuts through the din of this constant chatter.

2. It’s the only way to get through.

This is the age of the ad blocker and the ability to tune adverts out. You’re witnessing the end of the traditional television consumption model. How can you get your brand message past these obstacles? How are you meant to engage with consumers who are not watching? The answer is experiential marketing – it’s a chance to create a one-to-one connection, and today that is the holy grail.

3. It’s the only way to achieve compelling engagement.

I’m sure you don’t need reminding that consumer attention spans are tiny, and getting tinier. How do you achieve compelling engagement with consumers who are constantly being distracted and are programmed to linger for as little time as possible? You have to change your focus. Attending an experiential event is a decision. And by making that decision, consumers are dedicating more of themselves to the reason behind the event: and that can be your brand.

4. It’s the only way to convince millennials.

Love or hate the term, millennials are important; they’re a big audience with lots of money who, increasingly, can’t be won over by traditional marketing means. It’s a generation that puts more value in experience – just look at how festival culture has exploded. The festival culture is characterised by immersion and amplification, and by the stimulation of senses to create lasting memories. Think how your brand could benefit from exposure to this kind of event and environment. This is why experiential marketing strikes a chord with millennials – it speaks their language.

5. It’s the only way to achieve social amplification.

In a consumer marketplace where social media plays such an important role in communicating brands, the power of shareability is huge. A trending hashtag, a viral video: they can make your brand in a flash. However, this kind of exposure is very hard to achieve. This is another reason why the popularity of experiential marketing is skyrocketing: by being grounded in physical interaction, it gives your brand direct access to the behaviours that trigger the only kind of social amplification that matters.

Plus, experiential marketing is measurable. Using soft and hard metrics, and by exploiting the latest event technology and integrating it into the social communication systems that map behaviours, data can be generated to show you exactly how these events are benefiting your brand.

Imagine what experiential marketing can do for your brand

How brands are marketed is changing in an extraordinary way, and experiential events are at the forefront of this evolution (think what streaming has done to the music industry). Advertise your brand in the right way now, using the right tools, and the results could be world beating.

How can your brand benefit? You just have to plug it in.

Want to know what experiential marketing can do for your brand? Get in touch.