5 New Cool Places for Incentives in London

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PickledEgg is always keeping an eye out for the coolest pop ups, the trendiest bars and the next big things for incentives in London. Here is our current top five:

6th November 2017
By Stacey Thompson / Project Co-ordinator


Put on your orange jump suit: you’re going to jail and you have to smuggle in a bottle of booze. The guards are fine – it’s the warden you need to watch out for. You’ll be locked up with Inmate 88 (who just happens to be an expert bar tender) so make sure you pack something that he can work with. Once you’re inside, Inmate 88 will turn your chosen spirit into an assortment of glorious cocktails so you can kick back in your cell and enjoy. Just keep your eyes peeled for the warden.

Ballie Ballerson

Think back to when you were a child: big soft play areas and those ball pits with lots of balls. Hours and hours of fun! Well how about a giant adults-only ball pit with a million light-up UV balls. Plus, a DJ playing the coolest tunes and a bar serving pizza and retro sweet-inspired cocktails. Sold? We’ll see you in the pit.

The Big London Bake

Bake Off is over. What are you going to do with your Tuesday nights now? Fear not Bake Off addicts, we have a way for you to get your floury fix. A Bake Off-style marquee has been set up in South London so that you can do battle with your bakes. All the ingredients and instructions are supplied. All you have to do is whisk, roll and drizzle your way to victory.


Fancy yourself a master blender? Then the Ginstitute on Portobello Road is for you. You’ll hear about the history of gin, visit the still room and learn about the different flavours used to create the perfect gin and tonic. You also get to drink gin, create your own blend and take a bottle home.

The Hot Tug

Think a boat trip in London sounds a little dull. Shame on you. Let us introduce you to The Hot Tug. A hot tub boat! Cruise the waterways of London in a wood-fired hot tub while sipping on some cold beers. The hot tub is a toasty 38 degrees, so you can take to the water all year round. Got a captain’s hat? A sailor’s outfit? Get them out!

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