5 experiential marketing campaigns that every brand manager should know about

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There are many reasons why experiential marketing should be a must for your brand. But the proof is in the pudding, right?

20th February 2018
By Ricky Knight / Managing Director

Here are 5 experiential marketing campaigns that every brand manager should know about.

1. Heineken: the Dilemma. Alcohol brands are being super smart with experiential marketing. There have been some incredible campaigns and this one just ripped the football fans here to bits. Emotion is at the heart of experiential marketing and this just nails what being a fan is all about. There is some real beauty here and it really lingers, and in doing so creates a strong bond with the core audience. Also check out Malibu’s #BecauseSummer campaign, which popped up at the Notting Hill Carnival with a little help from us.

2. Casper Nap SXSW Takeover. This one jumped out because it’s the best kind of genius: simple and spectacular. Mail-order mattresses – not sexy – so how do you engage with consumers? This is how: by putting them in pods on the back on a trailer, taking them to one of the world’s biggest festivals (SXSW) and giving knackered festival goers the chance to take a break in their own mini chill-out zone, complete with slippers and coffee. A very clever way to raise awareness of your brand and make a lasting impression with a key buyer group.

3. Jet Blue – The Ultimate Icebreaker. This is so good. It’s winter and it’s chuffing cold. Who doesn’t want to be somewhere hot? It’s a basic human instinct. Jet Blue plonked a big lump on ice in the middle of New York full of prizes that shout “I should really go book a flight somewhere I can sit by the pool in my shorts and get away from this godawful weather”. All people had to do was chip away at the ice with what they had on them and a prize was theirs. Free stuff, gamification, a social media campaign and lots of brand engagement. Win.

4. Lean Cuisine #WeighThis. This one hit home because of its sheer pull-at-your-heart-strings power. Lean Cuisine’s market space is a very emotive one and the company taps into this emotion very smartly with this campaign. It’s all about the customers; the product is out of the picture. By taking this feel-good approach, they create something very valuable: a strong emotional bond with consumers. For a brand, that’s a massive achievement. Unsurprisingly, this experiential marketing campaign went viral.

5. Nestlé Aisle of Wonder. From eating well to, um, eating well. A shopping centre in London, a breakfast cereal pop-up, the chance to create your own breakfast and take home a box with your name on it. Brilliant. Food that we all know and love, a colourful, unique concept and a big serving of bang-on-trend personalisation. This campaign was so successful that Nestlé went back for a second helping.

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