PickledEgg transforms VW
campervan into a show-stopping float for London’s iconic Pride

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Johnson & Johnson CARE WITH PRIDE™ as they join the London Jubilee march

23rd August 2019
By Ricky Knight / Managing Director

Johnson & Johnson isn’t a brand that wants to be part of Pride to simply ‘be in the limelight’. They have a deep connection with the LGBT+ community, supporting and advocating equal marriage and LGBT+ workplace equality globally.

As part of a bigger campaign – CARE WITH PRIDE™ – we were asked to create a show-stopping float with all the trimmings to attend London’s iconic Pride parade.

A bit of background


Johnson & Johnson proudly support the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) who help young, homeless members of the LGBT+ community. Their research shows that 24 percent of homeless youth in the UK identify as LGBT+ and that 77 percent of these believe coming out to their parents to be the primary cause of their situation.

AKT focuses on preventing homelessness as young people come out to their family and friends, offering mentoring, training, guidance and safe homes.

Johnson & Johnson’s participation in London Pride was incredibly important to them. They were invited to march and were keen to stand out at an already vibrant and larger-than-life event. So how did we do it?

Key elements

‘Be proud of the skin you’re in’ came easily as a strapline for Johnson & Johnson’s involvement in London Pride, with connections to well-known skincare products such as Clean & Clear. These words became a focal point and overarching message throughout the planning and designed of the event. 

At the centre of it all – the float. We wrapped a vintage VW campervan in a rainbow and transformed it into a rather special DJ booth. Nearly 100 multicolour balloons emerging from the vehicle’s roof gave it height and presence, and matched the balloon ‘wings’ worn by the dancers and Johnson & Johnson employees who marched alongside.

We created a DJ booth inside the campervan and invited Mel, a vibrant, transgender, drag queen, to spin the decks throughout the parade. Her presence brought the float to life and engaged the crowds that lined the streets of the city.

Glitter-based makeup, CARE WITH PRIDE flags and multi-coloured bunting pulled everything together to create an explosion of energy, happiness and, above all, pride.


An explosion of energy, happiness and, above all, pride.

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