Going live! Why connecting with consumers in real-time is more important than ever

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Going live! Why connecting with consumers in real-time
is more important than ever

8th November 2019
By Ricky Knight / Managing Director

In a dramatically digitalised world, it’s easy to see why brands invest so much money, time and energy to its online presence – social media campaigns, SEO, Facebook ads, blogs and so on.

But what about connection? What about reaching consumers face-to-face in the real world, in a place that excites and engages people? Where crowds are emotionally charged, open-minded and living in the moment. Live environments, such as festivals, concerts and exhibitions, is where this happens – and brands need to throw themselves in.

Some brands have historic connections to ‘being live’ – Vodafone, Visa, Pepsi and Red Bull. These big hitters invest heavily in live events and for good reason. They want to reach consumers on a large scale in an environment that’s already set up to create excitement and the desire to engage.

Being plugged in to the right festival builds brand interest, trust and affiliation – not just with those at the event, but through the social media explosion that comes with it. Stories, videos and images reach thousands beyond the barriers of the event itself, delivering live action on a global scale.

This space is not just for the big boys. Companies of all sizes should be thinking live as they head into 2020. With endless ways to make a lasting impact at live events, real-time should be on every brand’s agenda.Big and bold or smaller and intimate, there’s a perfect way to enter the live space that’s right for each brand’s mission, ethos and objective.

A few examples…

Sweaty Betty Live

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Sweaty Betty’s annual wellness event, Sweaty Betty Live, was bigger and bolder than ever, taking over the Old Trumen Brewery in London in October.  ‘Designed by women for women’, everything the activewear brand stands for came to life, bringing fashion, fitness and food together under one roof.

Energising workouts, inspiring talks from wellness experts and culinary delights created a buzz of excitement that left attendees empowered, engaged and connected to the brand – not to mention keen to share images and stories on their social media platforms.

Superdrug Presents

Based in London’s trendy Shoreditch, the health and beauty retailer pulled in thousands to its live event, Superdrug Presents, earlier this year. Offering each attendee a goody bag of carefully-curated products worth over £150, the event was all about making people feel good in the moment and walk away with lasting brand connections.

Superdrug’s Big Pink Bus, supplied by PickledEgg, promoted its Christmas gift range, and partner brands invited influencers to attend and promote across social media. The event offered free beauty treatments, ear piercing and brow shaping, as well as giveaways and competitions to excite and engage. With pruning and primping a key focus of the event, attendees were always insta-ready to share their experience via social media.

Rock the Farm

Hosted by Herefordshire-based distillery, Chase, Rock the Farm is a drinks-industry festival that offers live music, street food and cocktail bars. Located next door to the distillery, on the farm where its potatoes are grown, tasting and tours are a big part of the event. In a competitive industry, live events such as Rock the Farm showcase first-hand the hard work, high standards and thought that goes into Chase’s gins and vodkas – from potato to bottle – all in a fun, upbeat environment.

Bringing brands to life through immersive, interactive and sharable experiences creates a connection that can never be achieved through an advert or social media campaign. Even a brand seemingly unconnected to the festival and music space, can authentically connect with consumers given the right concept. The key is to fit organically and visibly in a crowded space, offering a compelling, unique and memorable experience.

Food and drink brands perhaps sit more easily here. But festival culture is growing immensely, giving every category a chance to be part of it. Beauty brands, car manufacturers, insurers, broadband providers, fashion labels, the list goes on. When brands go live, amazing things can happen. Anything that enhances someone’s experience at an event or festive will be remembered long after. People are craving interactive, excitement and personal connection from brands more than ever – the future is live

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