Make moments that matter,
build unbreakable bonds,
define the way we live.

Take a minute to get to know us.

Pickled Egg is a leader. In 2002, we began life as a multidisciplinary, independent studio and that’s what we remain today.
We’ve known when to change and when not to.  This approach, together with a belief in big thinking and small details, has made us who we are
– a brand experience agency that helps global brands create the connections that matter.

This is who we are.

No big-agency headaches here, just a team of creatives with the spirit, experience and expertise to build more meaningful brand relationships and make brand fans.

We do this by creating compelling real-world stories. Human stories for a world that is physical and digital. For a world in which every brand post, ad and event is an opportunity to define how we live. 

What we do is make sure that brands take these opportunities.

We dare to believe in the moments that change everything, that create unbreakable bonds. And then we make them. 

Our essence

Every experience that we create for our customers is a mix of strategy, style and substance.  We are fearless in our approach, in our appetite for innovation, in our creativity and in our determination to deliver brand experiences that help define how we live.

Our mission

We are a seasoned multidisciplinary agency that brings brands and people together. We create the moments that forge lasting brand relationships, help businesses achieve marketing goals and help brands succeed. 

Our promise

We strive to lead, to shine a light so that others can follow in our footsteps. We aren’t afraid to challenge conventions, flip the script and be human in pursuit of brand experiences that connect, that are the benchmark, that are the gold standard.

Our values

We believe that for brands to truly connect to people, they have to speak honestly and openly. It is these types of conversations, courageous and full of imagination, that make the connections that really matter. It is these values that define us, too.

We're known for our style & expertise. We don't do average.

Our work strengthens brand relationships. It makes the connections that matter

We are truly creative & what we create has an impact.

We treat every client as a partner. We succeed as one.

Our Services

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