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5 experiential marketing campaigns you need to know about


1. New Balance Runaway Pub

Nothing tastes quite as good as a free beer, especially after a bit (or a lot) of exercise. This is the emotive and intelligent premise behind the Runaway Pub experiential campaign from sports sneakers supremo New Balance. 

They’ve teamed up with Strava to offer runners training for the London Marathon the chance to turn hard-run miles into free beer. Using the Strava app, runners track their miles, which are accumulated on a personal Runaway card. Runners add the card to their mobile wallets and convert miles into pints in the pop-up pub.

It is easy to see how this experience – visiting the pub for a free beer after completing one of the milestone training challenges linked to the campaign – could create a long-lasting bond between runners and New Balance. 

2. Smart Car Parking Stunt

Parallel parking is a pain, especially in cities, where space is always at a premium. Who hasn’t wished for a little bit more room? This is the very human desire that the Smart Effect feel-good experiential stunt tapped into.

As drivers started to parallel park their cars, the vehicles on either side of the space miraculously halved in length, creating more room. Cue lots of jaw dropping and some very pleasantly surprised people. 

This highly visual idea, based on some seriously impressive technology and built around an everyday human emotion, demonstrated a key selling point of Smart’s headline vehicle in a memorable way, while also raising brand awareness.


3. Porsche Cayenne Model Wall

Who doesn’t want to get their hands on a Porsche? It’s something a lot people dream of doing. But most of the time we end up collecting models instead. And this is the human behaviour at the heart of the Porsche Cayenne Model Wall experiential stunt.

Tapping into the emotion behind a treasured activity, the luxury carmaker created a wall with 750 mini Cayennes affixed to it. The models were free to take, creating lots of smiles, and as the toy cars were removed, a USP-focused message was revealed about the new Porsche.

Part of a wider experiential campaign, it is clear how this simple PR stunt charmed and engaged passers-by, tapping into a mixture of childhood and aspirational emotions, while at the same time communicating a key theme of the new model and raising brand awareness.  

4. WaterAid Hope Lockers

This ingenious experiential stunt cracks a tough nut – the charity campaign with a donation-action aspect. It does so by inserting the message and the giving into an everyday activity – a visit to the swimming pool and the use of a locker. 

A video screen on the inside of the lockers tells swimmers about those without clean water and how many children have died as a result of dirty water during the time that they spent in the pool. The emotive message ends with the choice of donating the pound used for the locker or getting it back.

This experiential campaign is clever in the way it captures the attention of swimmers and keeps it – if they want their money back, they have to engage with the message. It encourages donations, not least because of the simplicity of doing so, and raises awareness and encourages word-of-mouth.

5. Café Pele Contagious Billboard

Who doesn’t give out a yawn or two on the commute to work? This common behaviour is what powered the ingenious Contagious Billboard multi-sensory experiential campaign for the coffee brand Café Pele.

The coffee company set up a digital billboard on a train platform. The billboard was fitted with a motion sensor. The sensor could detect when people passed it and when they did, a person on the screen yawned. This triggered lots of yawning from commuters.

After a short yawn-off, an “it’s time for a coffee” message appeared on the screen, shortly followed by a real-life brand ambassador wielding a tray of free coffee shots. The brand created a need and fulfilled it, tapping into a very human desire, and delivered an experience that made a lasting impression.

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