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London Film Museum Conference

How did we create a special bond between delegates?

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This was a client conference in central London with delegate management. We had to deliver an important event as part of a unique brand experience.

The Challenge

The client wanted to hold a conference with the purpose of educating customers and partners about a new offering to be launched in the UK. The conference was for 200 delegates located in central London. The venue had to be interesting and stimulating, and act as an enticement to attendees on its own. The event required enough space for a small exhibition, a fully branded presentation area, two breakout spaces and a hospitality zone for a welcome lunch, coffee breaks and a post-conference reception.

The BIG Idea

To create a unique experience for delegates we pitched the London Film Museum in Covent Garden as the venue for the conference. The winter weather would be forgotten in this underground space, which would be fully branded. We challenged the venue to break away from its conventional set-up.  All the necessary areas would be expertly created, allowing the free flow of attendees between them. We would create a main stage area whose design was visually representative of the client and incorporate creative visuals throughout the space, including video links of the conference content. In addition, delegates could enjoy the Bond in Motion exhibition during conference breaks.

The Highlights

The conference was fully subscribed, which was a major achievement for the client as, in its industry, the dropout rate for this type of event is around 50%. The Bond cars surrounding the presentation area and the film memorabilia in the exhibition space proved very popular with attendees, helping to maintain attendance and generate brand engagement. The design of the main stage and presentation area was very well received – the immersive nature of both was particularly impressive and had a positive impact on delegates.

The Upshot

This was the most successful conference the client had ever run in terms of new leads and new accounts secured as a direct result of the event. The client was able to successfully communicate new company thinking and new company ethos. This key messaging was clearly and concisely communicated to specific channels. Account managers enjoyed valuable information-sharing and networking opportunities in an inspiring space. The content was well received by the delegates – post-event evaluations results gave a +98 net promotor score – and helped improve awareness of the client’s new offering and overall brand engagement. Following the success of the UK event, the client’s European office followed suit.

The event had a +98 Net Promoter Score

4 x new accounts secured
as a direct result of the event

Multiple new leads generated within existing
accounts with high conversion rates post-event