Discover Ibiza

Discover Ibiza

Popular destination, unique experience

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The brief was a VIP event for reseller channel managing directors. We had four days to re-engage key customers, build relationships and change perceptions.

The Challenge

The client wanted to re-engage with the managing directors of key accounts to further showcase their changing brand and solutions offering. They wanted the chance to directly engage with this group and discuss strategy, share ideas and introduce information about new products, services and other brand developments. They also wanted the opportunity to socialise with the group and get to know them better. In addition, the client wanted to identify who their tier one customers were, attracting the right personnel to the event.

The BIG idea

We pitched an incentive trip to Ibiza that would be promoted as a must-attend event. The event would carry the tagline “Discover” and use venues on the island in line with the client’s key objectives. The choice of destination was purposefully chosen to enhance the key objective to change perceptions of the brand, using the event as the tool. The event programme was not to take in the party-typical Ibiza, instead the programme was to be a high end voyage of discovery showcasing the lesser known side to the island.  The group would stay in a luxury hotel and would attend a conference on the first morning. With regard to the social element, we would organise a jeep safari of the island, tagged “Discover Ibiza by Road” and the group would also enjoy a day at the Nassau Beach Club, providing an opportunity for plenty of face time for relationship-building.

The Highlights

The delegate touchpoints were successful, with the client able to re-engage and share key information with a stimulated and engaged target audience. The hotel was very well received by the discerning group and provided an inspiring backdrop for the conference. The social element of the trip made a big impact, helping to strengthen relationships, increase mindshare and improve brand engagement. Highlights included dinner and drinks at Bambuddha Grove, flyboarding at the Nassau Beach Club and private dining on the rock face at Cala Llonga.

The Upshot

The campaign was launched to the targeted participants and proved to be a great success with perception of the brand and Ibiza positively changed. Using the incentive as a measurement tool, the client identified the key personnel they wanted on the trip. The social events allowed the client and attendees to benefit from invaluable networking and idea-sharing opportunities. As a result, the client witnessed a significant increase in sales – the relationships developed and improved product knowledge gained on the event played a key role in this uplift. In addition, the client gleaned valuable insight resulting in improved account management and business practices for more straightforward future business deals.