The Explore Hasbro Tour

The Explore Hasbro Tour

How did we bring some of Hasbro’s biggest brands to life?

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The brief was for Hasbro’s very first multiple-brand tour-based experiential campaign in the UK.

The Challenge

Following the success of the Transformers Tour that we ran for Hasbro in 2017, the global toymaster chose us to run a similar tour-based experiential campaign in 2018 for its Transformers, My Little Pony, Nerf, Play-Doh and Hasbro Gaming brands.

Hasbro had never before run a multiple-brand campaign in the UK, so it was our job to help lead one of the world’s leading toy and board game companies into new territory. We needed to separately showcase the brands, which had their own objectives, under the Hasbro umbrella in a single promotional concept. 

The Big Idea

Our mission was to create a whole new Hasbro experience for this campaign. We needed each brand experience to really wow the kids and entertain the parents. We needed to engage, excite and sell, and leave visitors with some incredible memories. And we needed to be able to move the whole show around the country. So we designed and built the extraordinary Explore Hasbro touring village: a self-contained, transportable, multi-sensory experience for every audience.


How do you bring the Transformers to life, for real? By building a fully mobile post-apocalyptic-themed Transformers installation! Two shipping containers were transformed into an all-action set. The set featured multiple play zones, an Optimus Prime truck and live-action Transformers characters.


What better way to immerse kids in the world of Nerf than by building a kick-ass Nerf training facility? It featured a 4×4 off-road truck, a converted shipping container, whose interior was made to look like the inside of a surveillance truck, and a maze firing range. Within the container, character actors demonstrated the new Nerf blaster and gave visitors official Nerf training. After the training was completed, visitors were given the chance to test the new Nerf blaster and their skills on the firing range.

My Little Pony

A vintage Airstream trailer was converted into a My Little Pony play zone to showcase this big brand. The My Little Pony play zone featured interactive My Little Pony tech, including a green screen, which was used to put kids in the My Little Pony world. Every child received a free postcard with their My Little Pony world picture on it.


A giant marquee was transformed into a mega Play-Doh play zone. The main feature of the Play-Doh play zone was Play-Doh Create sessions, in which Hasbro helpers were on hand to inspire kids and parents to create using Play-Doh.

Hasbro Gaming

We built a Hasbro Gaming zone in which visitors could play famous Hasbro games like Twister, Jenga, Connect 4 and Pie Face Showdown. An MC hosted the event. We partnered with Amazon to offer visitors the chance to buy the games at a discounted price through the Amazon app.

The Highlights

As part of the 25-date Explore Hasbro UK tour, we partnered with a number of big festivals. This helped generate excellent target-demographic footfall and opportunity to see. Kids and adults fully immersed themselves in the experience, taking part in the games and engaging with the live-action characters.

The Upshot

The Explore Hasbro Tour was very well received by Hasbro and the public. The experience was a success at every venue – over 200,000 people visited the Hasbro village. The Explore Hasbro Tour achieved incredible social media reach and significant media coverage. Overall, the Explore Hasbro Tour raised awareness, strengthened engagement and increased mindshare, in line with the client’s objectives.

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