What's your ice cream face?

FatFace 'What's your ice cream face?'

A winning mix of selfies and ice cream

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The brief was simple. Create a cool, outdoor, summer campaign to promote the brand in a light-hearted and fun way.

The Challenge

The client approached us with a relatively small budget but some big ideas. They wanted a roadshow-style campaign, incorporating elements of the summer with a catchy strapline and hashtag. The aim – to increase social media presence and followers, and boost brand engagement. The client was also keen to incorporate elements of where Fat Face started, some 30 years ago – printing t-shirts out the back of a VW campervan during a ski season!

The Big Idea

We used National Ice Cream Day as our hook and created a cool, colourful and trendy space in central Birmingham. It featured a selfie wall, adorned with fake palm trees; a vintage airstream giving away ice creams; a relaxed seating area, scattered with cushions made from Fat Face fabrics; and a vintage VW campervan, sign-written with ‘What’s your ice cream face? #FATFACEMOMENTS’. We installed a DJ to set the vibe and attract people to the two-day event.

The concept: let us snap your ‘ice cream face’, post it on Instagram with the hashtag ##FATFACEMOMENTS and get a free ice cream. Hang out, dance…or just relax with your ice cream!


The concept pulled in hundreds of people, who eagerly queued to have their picture taken in front of the selfie wall to post on social media. The space oozed ‘cool’ and reflected the brand perfectly, bringing in elements of the great outdoors, the British summer and vintage vehicles. It attracted all ages and backgrounds, and the DJ was a hit with the crowds. 

The Upshot

The event was so successful that the client is keen to make it a touring roadshow, appearing at UK festivals as well as city locations. The client saw a spike in ‘likes’ and a surge in followers on social media. The campaign promoted their summer clothing range and increased brand recognition and engagement.

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