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Industry Sailing Regatta

How did we navigate this repeat event?

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We were asked to deliver an unmissable corporate sailing event with networking and an awards dinner. We had done it before and we had to do it again, but better.

The Challenge

We had successfully organised and run a previous industry sailing regatta for this client and they wanted to do it again, but this time they wanted to do something even more spectacular. The event had to have a once-in-a-lifetime feel – many of the attendees had experience of corporate sailing so this regatta had to include an element that would make it unmissable. It had to take place on the south coast and was for teams of 10 amateur sailors. Accommodation for two nights was required in order to include two evening events – a low-key networking dinner and drinks, and a rewards dinner.

The BIG idea

We pitched an industry sailing regatta in which the teams would race brand new Clipper 70 yachts. Using our specialist contacts, we would secure the boats fresh from their first go at the famous Round the World event with the skippers who had steered them on this epic journey. The first evening event would be hosted at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth and the teams would sleep on the yachts to make them feel like true racers. The next day would be all about the cut and thrust of racing around the Solent. Once off of the water, the teams would enjoy a BBQ and awards ceremony at Cowes Yacht Haven on the Isle of Wight. After collecting their prizes, the teams would be taken back to the mainland in high-speed RIBs for evening drinks, a party and an overnight stay.

Our Highlights

The chance to race Round the World Clipper yachts made a big impression on the participants, who clearly relished the opportunity, with plenty of hard-fought, tight racing on the water. The crews looked magnificent in their fully branded kits, complete with t-shirts, caps, sailing gloves and other accessories. The welcome evening event went very well, with participants enjoying first-class hospitality on a private balcony overlooking the marina in which their fully branded yachts were moored. The post-racing BBQ and awards ceremony were enthusiastically enjoyed and the lively RIB rides back across the water as the sun went down and the sky turned red provided a real pinch-yourself moment for the participants.

The Upshot

The sailing regatta attracted some of the largest industry brands. This gave the client incredibly valuable one-on-one time with key personnel to develop business leads and build relationships. The industry brands in attendance sent senior management and invited their own key customers – this meant the client had access to multiple layers of the sales channel. The networking opportunity was on a level that the client hadn’t experienced from any previous events and a number of important new relationships were formed as a result. Overall, the event was very well received, helping to strengthen brand engagement.