Monopoly Launch

Monopoly Cheater Edition UK Launch

How did we persuade consumers to get on board with this new game?

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The brief was to create an experiential campaign for Hasbro to promote the UK launch of the Monopoly Cheaters Edition.

The Challenge

Hasbro wanted an experiential campaign to promote the UK launch of a new edition of the classic Monopoly board game: Monopoly Cheaters Edition. In this wildly different version of the much-loved game, players are encouraged to cheat – escape jail, dodge rent, steal from the bank, etc. This cheeky version required a cheeky promotional campaign.

The Big Idea

Working alongside Hasbro’s UK PR agency, we created a promotional campaign based on getting people to confess about cheating when playing games. We converted a famous London black cab into a mobile confession booth. The confessional cab travelled around the capital, pulling up at famous London landmarks, where we got people to step inside and tell us their game cheating secrets. The confessional cab was accompanied by Monopoly mascot Rich Uncle Pennybags.


We created an experiential promotional campaign that matched the brands values of the iconic, timeless family board game, giving it a cheeky twist in the spirit of the new Cheater Edition. The campaign was very well received in London, where it attracted lots of attention and engagement. 

Visitors included a famous Capital FM DJ, who popped into the confessional cab while it made a stop at Leicester Square and told us his own cheating story. People of all ages wanted their picture taken with Rich Uncle Pennybags and were keen to get their hands on the new edition of the game.

The Upshot

The Monopoly Cheaters Edition Confessional Cab experiential campaign was very well received by Hasbro and the public. The experience was a success in London, with over 12,000 people visiting the confessional cab. The event achieved fantastic social media reach and significant media coverage. Overall, the campaign raised awareness, strengthened engagement and increased mindshare, in line with the client’s objectives.

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