Product Roadshow

Product Roadshow

How did we put this show on the road?

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The brief was a UK roadshow concept, creation and management. A global technology brand wanted to make an impression on the market and we had to make sure it was big.

The Challenge

The client wanted to boost their profile in the UK laptop market. Their objective was to secure a top-three position in this marketplace. They wanted to promote their brand and put their products in the hands of consumers in a range of environments. They needed a ‘go-anywhere’ solution with plenty of flexibility that could be tightly managed and would make a big impact.

The BIG idea

We pitched a vintage Airstream trailer as a mobile internet café. The café, with its iconic and attention-grabbing design, would visit top sporting events and festivals, as well as Curry’s retail stores, to engage with and educate members of the public. In addition, at the Curry’s stores, visiting distribution and reseller partners could train sales people in a fun environment, further boosting awareness of and engagement with the brand.

The Highlights

The campaign and mobile internet café were well received. The Cowes Week event was particularly successful in terms of driving brand awareness and engagement, with a regular flow of sailors checking weather conditions and race results. The use of an Airstream trailer generated a very positive perception of the brand and the products.

The Upshot

The Airstream mobile internet café toured numerous big events, helping to generate brand awareness and engagement. It visited every Curry’s store in the UK, allowing for engagement with consumers and staff training in each place. Total footfall in the trailer was over 182,000+ and this interest helped increase the client’s profile and the market position of its laptop products. The client successfully secured third spot in the Readers’ Choice Awards: Laptops and Desktops.