Supercar Rally

Supercar Rally

Fast times in grand places for this IT crowd

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The brief was for a six-month new product launch campaign and a big impact event. We had to get into gear and drive this brand in the right direction.

The Challenge

The client, a global IT brand, wanted a six-month campaign to promote a new product line in an existing partner channel. The campaign must inspire partners to work closely with the brand and reflect the values and position of the brand. It had to culminate in an exclusive event for a select group of partners who would receive a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Product placement and the opportunity to showcase product functionality were required.

The BIG Idea

We pitched a mixed media six-month campaign with both an online and offline presence. The concept and mechanics of the campaign would be carefully planned around the objectives and would include a detailed engagement and marketing strategy, culminating in an event. The event needed to inspire so we proposed a supercar rally. During the event, the select group would drive the supercars and follow a predetermined route using technology from the client’s new product range. The placement of these products in the cars would showcase their functionality and help improve brand engagement. Along the route, the group would receive support, all of which would be fully branded. After the once-in-a-lifetime driving experience, the group would enjoy a drinks reception, a gala dinner and entertainment linking back to the theme of the campaign.

Ladies & Gentlemen!
Start Your Engines

The Highlights

The online campaign was very well received, attracting significant attention in the partner channel. The communications strategy helped to ensure a high level of engagement throughout the campaign period. The supercar rally made a big impact on those that attended and proved to be a desired experience by those that did not attend! The group drove some of the latest Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins, including the model used in the latest Bond film. The branded support worked well, from the crews and trackers to the snacks, drinks and instruction packs, which we designed. The hotel was of a very high standard and the service was first class throughout the stay. Overall, the event made a big impression and reflected the brand’s market status.

The Upshot

The campaign was a great success – it received a net promotor score of +98 and the client witnessed a huge increase in new accounts during the promotion period. Not only did the campaign boost performance but it also attracted further interest from outside the existing partner channel. The event welcomed key figures and provided an invaluable networking and information-sharing opportunity for the client. The use of the products during the event changed the perception of the product range and the addition of new accounts and sales growth continued well after the six-month targeted campaign period.