The Weekender

What was the secret to the success of this VIP event?

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This was a campaign-backed brand experience in a secret location. Faced with high expectations, we had to pull off something incredible.

The Challenge

The client had run several trips to Ibiza. They wanted to freshen things up and change the destination, but had no idea about where they could go that would top Ibiza. They were also concerned about how a new destination would compare to Ibiza in the eyes of their target audience, which was young sales professionals in the distribution channel.

The BIG idea

We pitched Malta and suggested keeping the destination a secret, to avoid preconceptions and add an extra layer of excitement. Our in-house creative team came up with a communications campaign, featuring the client’s famous strapline, to create a buzz among the target audience and drive interest in the event, which had to live up to high expectations. The campaign used content that offered hidden clues and leaked information about the destination, such as temperatures, famous bars, celebrity visitors, etc. Direct marketing was used at the halfway point to maintain engagement with the campaign.

The Highlights

The communications campaign was a huge success. It created the required hype around the event and kept participants guessing all the way until the big reveal. In addition, the mystery around the destination helped to create a strong dynamic within the final group before the event, with participants bonding over their interest in where they were going. The event was equally as successful, with the group genuinely surprised at how much they enjoyed Malta. The client commented how well it compared to Ibiza (“You’ve changed my perception of Malta – this beats the trips to Ibiza and I didn’t think that could be done!”). Also, Prince William took the same flight as our group back to the UK, which put the seal on Malta’s status as a must-visit destination.

The Upshot

During the three-month lead-up to the event, the client’s brand was the talk of distribution channel salesfloors. This increased brand engagement at a critical time of year gave the brand a critical boost in mindshare and, as a result, the client witnessed positive return on investment. In addition, the success of the campaign has ensured that the client’s event profile remains high and that its role as a tool to drive brand engagement is enhanced.